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You may have it at your device. Creative that is.

May 27, 2020

Some of the best ideas for apps are at times the very obvious, however it brings the distinct happiness among users when the actual idea converts into reality.

That exactly what I am going to touch upon. You and I, use apps on all the possible OS devices for some or the other purposes. Some becomes our daily companion and some not. Like the use of Instagram app or Google mail app accessing for emails and sharing pictures clicked to preserve memories. So before even you poo-poo the app, ever thought of a time when you need not to worry about losing your pictures and information incase your device gets stolen or damaged. I am sure you did. The technology of cloud computing. We all know what it is. I mean, at least by now. But the catch is the users are often in a bid to follow a somewhat lengthy and nervous process like the sign-in, upload, download, etc. Now if these apps had been in my control I would have for certain, made the job done for me. Just like an algorithm: a series of steps that would make my relation with technology much easier, faster and efficient. It is always good to eliminate the possible unwanted conversations packed with tiny steps and instead have something creative to it like a technology dedicated to help you take control of the apps you use. I guess it already creates the feeling of excitement in me. How would it be when you receive a contact on Whatsapp or via text from your friend and it gets saved onto your address book automatic or the technology would identify your next step of your app usage and do the needful by itself. How would it be to connect all the important things in your life through an app? In other way, how would it be to have a remote control function for your activities right from the smart device you use? You can do your important bit just with a click and more importantly itʼs in your own control.

Similarly, you can customize your clicks as per your navigation requirements like for instance using it for your home utilities to change the shades of the lights at home – with a click? Even at work, getting notifications from your colleagues end like he or she is not at her desk? And most importantly how would it sound when this technology is safe to use, protects privacy and has a hassle free installation. So you can connect yourself with the app and with all the important tasks you do everyday. Life is about to change and we need to make technology accessible to all in a more innovative and cost effective approach. Lets take a moment and reflect on these. Can a technology be developed or even modernized to create the next big thing in the mobile application services that will eventually connect us from the time we wake up until the time we say good night? I am not a techy and neither I know the engineering bit of these but I am sure there are people out there who would understand, challenge and find ways to make things more intelligent, exciting and smarter for the common mass.

Author: Surya Saha

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