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Insurtech company supports industry digitization during social distancing

HousingWire spoke with Ross Diedrich, co-founder and CEO of Covered Insurance, about emerging trends in insurtech, how Covered has supported servicers during the COVID-19 period and what the transition out of this environment might look like.

HousingWire: What are some of Covered’s biggest accomplishments since we last spoke in June 2019?

Ross Diedrich: Covered has gained significant market traction since our last conversation. We like to say we’ve moved from “startup” to “scale-up,” and it has been a fun, rewarding ride.

We now have “anchor” partners in real estate, mortgage origination, mortgage servicing and home services. Our partner leads, conversions to policy sales and revenue growth are on target. We’ve won multiple deals in a competitive environment.

Additionally, we secured a strategic investment from Radian Group, Inc., the leading mortgage insurance company, which provides Covered with industry sponsorship.

It’s worth mentioning that as a digital company we’ve successfully navigated the COVID-19 crisis with remote employee work and customer management while continuing to post record growth.


Source: Housingwire

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