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Insurtech Branch Now Offering Auto, Homeowners Insurance in Texas

May 03, 2020

Columbus, Ohio-based insurtech, Branch, has opened operations in Texas, the company’s fifth statewide expansion since launching in Ohio in August 2019.

Branch says it is shaking up the insurance industry providing a way to bundle home and auto insurance in as little as 30 seconds. Using technology and automation, Branch has re-engineered the experience to be quicker and more efficient, making it easier than ever for clients to save money. Where most traditional insurance companies require clients to fill out applications with hundreds of questions, Branch developed a way to bundle insurance with just two: name and address, the company said.

Branch is also developing tools to help customers continually lower their own prices, as well as helping who are un- or underinsured through its nonprofit entity, SafetyNest

Branch was founded in 2018 by insurance veteran Steve Lekas and tech entrepreneur Joe Emison. In addition to Texas, Branch Insurance offers insurance products in Arizona, Illinois, Missouri and Ohio. Its policies are underwritten by General Security National Insurance Company (GSNIC).

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Source: Insurance Journal

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