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Harvesting Smarter thinking for a Smarter tomorrow

May 20, 2020

Have you ever wondered of a smarter life? Ever gave a thought? I mean we all use smart devices from mobile phones to tablets, to PC's and even watches everyday. So can we not imagine a life that itself is smarter? Now reflect backwards, think what your father or great grandfather must have felt with such devices at their age. Ask them and compare!! I am sure you would agree that our lives are much simpler with sending & receiving emails on the go, getting a weather report in the tube, getting earth quake alerts on the apps and what not.

Now think years ahead from now, how you want it to be. Just a “smart” device today but a “smarter” life tomorrow? Sounds cool!! Isn't it? For example, think of some super hero movies or series like the Batman or Captain America and recollect from there: a smart machine with four wheels that talks with the driver in real time and alerts him for any upcoming catastrophes or hazards from front and behind or even take into consideration the work of NASA, how satellites interacts with their people on earth to provide real data that make sense towards a progressive future. Once you feedback on these, imagine the same happening in our daily activities.

Your vehicle is stopping automatically or diverting the direction and taking you to a safe location when there is a roadblock ahead or even something more deadly that may have occurred in the direction you were to drive or even think of a bridge alerting the authorities of some malfunctioning or damage before it can actually cause the damage to the civilians. How does that sound? Good? Yes, that exactly what I am saying, a smarter life getting simplified and more advanced for the common people through an interconnected and well-communicated network between the devices, machines and sensors or any physical objects with such embedded technology around us.

So a quick thought: what can you achieve if your car (I mean your smart car) talks to the traffic grid? Go back to my previous example and analyze. Similarly, when seen from the commercial point, it’s the next big opportunity that an organization can imagine!! To highlight another example, what does a marketing personnel do? In simple term he/she tries to create and promote the need/product among consumers. Now which consumers? Any? I guess NO. So how do they segment these consumers? Simply through market research, right? Now the question rises how do they do that? Social media or competitors analysis or historic data to an extent, need analysis and many more. It is time consuming and also a costly affair too. So to get back to the previous, how the world be for the marketers when these same activities are measured and completed in no time and in an intelligent way. You have the real data coming in from your consumers end through connected devices, sensors, machine-to-machine interaction and so on and so forth. What happens when your marketing needs and user experience information becomes more accurate and hence decision-making becomes more robust.

The same goes with the industry overall when the suppliers, consumers and the middlemen get connected in a network with a true data flow to generate the authentic knowledge. It’s beyond imagination what can be achieved. Now keeping aside these examples, what I truly believe is the intelligent way of thinking and doing. The world is moving on, technology is highly disruptive, and aspirations are changing. So, we as humans’ first and professionals next need to think big. Its not only money and profit that we talk about, its the fundamental change that we need. It’s the change through technology. It’s the real time infrastructure to create, navigate and innovate new and exciting products and services for a smarter and better tomorrow. And all these are possible through a network of everything. To conclude, I urge every reader to think how life and work can or could be with or without the above!!

Author: Surya Saha

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