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Hello, this is Surya Saha and Welcome to my Insurtech Knowledge platform - "The Insurtech Story". To introduce my self, I am the Author of book “The Digital Choices”. Please check the Authored Book section to learn more about my book. Besides, I am a risk professional with more than 8 years of experience and a diverse set of expertise in research, consulting, insurtech, insurance, strategy and analysis. I am a Blockchain enthusiast, an evangelist, and have participated as speaker at various Blockchain Technology events, podcasts and webinars particularly with focus on Insurtech.

Areas of interest:


  • Insurtech

  • Digital Transformation

  • Blockchain

  • Distributed Ledger (DLT)

  • Smart Contracts

  • Risk Consulting

  • P&C Insurance

  • Reinsurance

  • Cyber Security

To add to this, I am the Steering Committee Member of the Europe India Centre for Business & Industry and Board Member of The Hope Foundation.


Academically, I am a PhD research scholar studying Enterprise Blockchain with research done on process modelling and implications of blockchain in the 'insurance claims process'. Prior to this, my Masters was completed from the University of Warwick, United Kingdom specialising in Business Excellence and Six Sigma.


Otherwise, I am conventional in nature. I want nothing too crazy, but the right thing at the right time. Knowledge, Simplification, Legacy and Contribution to this world is what I aspire. Emerging technology and Insurance is somethings that I am most passionate about and I always look forward to help, educate and discuss trends and opportunities in this field with fellow


*Note: This is a personal initiative of mine.

Surya Saha

Chief Ideator


Email: insurtechstory@gmail.com

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